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                  发布时间:2018/8/9 8:52:19

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                  "what we enjoyed most about working with perspective for the a&d trophy awards was their unending creativity and responsiveness. this year, they brought us fresh and imaginative ideas on how to stage our products and provided hands-on supervision for every technical aspect required to make sure our products were displayed at their best!"
                  (philips lighting hong kong)

                  "there are not many similar events like this in hong kong; i would definitely recommend it to my colleagues."?
                  (andrea ponti, founder of ponti design studio)

                  "perspective"s awards have long been a well-regarded annual industry event. it is always good to be back and mingle with the industry peers."?
                  (ken ip, head of marketing at atkins architecture)

                  "we really enjoyed the event and thought it was very professional and well organised."?
                  (katherine kemp, principal of zwei interiors architecture)

                  "the night was a resounding success"?
                  (joanne chow, director of boconcept)

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                  +852 3910 6379